SeaQueen Mermaid Tailskin

Regular price $350.00

For all the super-extra mermaids who want a little oomph in their fabric tails <3

The SeaQueen Mermaid Tailskin is designed in-house. The unique scale and magical fluke colors are printed on high-quality scuba-stretch material, that provides a comfortable fit when swimming, or just posing above water! Unlike the silicon mermaid-tail counterpart, it is lightweight, breathable, and easily-cared for, with the realistic colors and design providing a seamless video and picture opportunity!

  • The Mermaid Tail consists of a Mermaid Tail Skin with an integrated zipper on the bottom part and is designed to fit the Mahina Merfin. 
  • We have added additional fins on the fluke to add a little extra detail to your entire mermaiding experience. 
  • Our commitment is to remain sustainable and support small industries, so all tails are produced upon order and may take up to 10 working days to produce, so please allow us time!
Want to see our SeaQueen Tail live in action? Click here and see our Tails underwater:

Note: Shipping the full SeaQueen Mermaid Tail overseas is very expensive. We highly recommend for our Mermaids from overseas to purchase the Mahina Monofin at a local distributor in your country and simply purchase the Seasiren Tail Skin from us. Please email us if you have any further questions. 

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