SeaQueen Mermaid Tail Skin

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SeaQueen Mermaid Tail Skin

The SeaQueen Mermaid Tails are the newest and most magical addition to our Mermaid Tail Collection. We have added hand-stitched seashell beading all throughout the Tail Skin and the fluke has become now even more realistic with additional side flukes! 

Like the Seasiren Collection, this Tail Skin fits the Mahina Monofin.

The SeaQueen Mermaid Tail Skins are designed with a realistic Mermaid Scale Print on highest quality Scuba Stretch Material. The Mermaid Tail Skin has an integrated zipper on the bottom to easily exchange Mermaid Tail Skins.

The Mermaid Tail Skin does not include a Monofin. It is only the outer part of the Mermaid Tail. This SeaQueen Mermaid Tail Skin can also be used for the Mahina Monofin.
All SeaQueen Mermaid Tail Skins will be pre-ordered and can take up time up to four weeks until delivery. All of our Tail Skins are made in Indonesia.

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