Fuchsite Obelisk Tower

Regular price $450,000.00

The listing is for one obelisk tower. These stones are cleansed with sage and bathed in the moonlight. Upon delivery, they will be charged in a singing bowl with you in our thoughts. A perfect addition for your altar or collection, it can be used for reiki or meditation, or simply to carry in your pocket for protection. 

Fuchsite healing properties:

This good luck charm is widely known to be a fairy stone, because of the tiny sparkles and veins that resemble fairy wings. This stone helps you discover your greatest desire, and gives you the emotional and physical strength to follow your wildest dreams. For every starting entrepreneur, keep a fuchsite close. 

A tower is about 4 inches tall

Upon purchase, all our wrist gems are blessed and charged in a singing bowl. All our minerals are natural and cleansed in the moonlight. 

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