Our SeaQueen Tails!

Marielle Oceania

We've started dressing the Mahina Merfin with our skins since 2016, and have achieved great success with our SeaSiren Tails.

pictured above is our best-selling Galatea SeaSiren Tail!

In recent years, with the influx of many other mermaid-tail creators, like ourselves, who are creating beautiful skins for the Mahina Merfin, we've felt it was time to create a new look for our mermaids! In the beginning of this year, Mermaid.INC gave birth to its newest member, the SeaQueen Tails!

We spent months to create prototypes of new flukes that will still fit the standard Mahina Merfin, and also re-designed a new scale print to suit the magical shell-sequin that our mer-elves sew ever-so-lovingly by hand onto the fabric. It is with pride that we admit it took several prototypes to make sure we wouldn't compromise our immaculate detailing and quality. 

Wanting to create a life-like skin without incorporating a silicon-base is something challenging, but there are mermaids out there who enjoy the comfortable fit of a fabric-base tail. At the end of the day, our mer-elves still want to create something fun for our mermaids!

Click the YouTube link below to watch the SeaQueen tail in action! 

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