Bedazzled Bras

Marielle Oceania

Let's face it. Our obsession with mermaids is absolute.

This also means we're obsessed with everything to do with mermaids, and that includes anything glittery. Who doesn't know the story of the mermaid-queen who sits in her cavern filled with precious gems and diamonds and pearls? (OK, maybe it doesn't exist yet, but someone should write it!)

Although we do believe in Free The Nipple, we do have mermaids who need an extra little umph to their mermaid existence. As an accompanying accessory to our tails, we have our bedazzled bras. No, it isn't an original idea- you can find many on Etsy and on Pinterest; however, apart from being able to customise any color you want on any bra style and size you want, they are at the end of the day, a simple brassiere.

Easy to use, easy to take off, easy to care for. That gives you more time to focus on maintaining your tail instead!

Plus, they are so extravagantly simple, you can wear them on a night out

or under your clothes (PJ's too)

Or just to lounge around at sunset, with your tail... naturally

We are obsessed with them. I guess it fills in the treasure-chest void in our hearts. 

We curate the colours so that they suit the tails they are meant to be paired with.


Many a days were spent creating these beautiful things (and watching re-runs of Game of Thrones)

We use original Swarovski flat-back sew-on elements. No mermaid is ever entitled to wear anything less!

We make galaxy colours.

Sunset colors

Ariel colors

We even bedazzled full bathing suits!

We pair them with individual tail colours to complete the experience for our mermaids. (Pictured above is the Horizon Spectrum Tail)

It adds a whole lot of love to the look

Check out this beautiful bedazzled bra with our Kanaloa SeaSiren tail!

Heartrate increases every time we open a new bag of Swarovski berries. Inhales deeply.

Orders take up to four days before delivery, so be sure to place your orders in advanced!

If you want to customise your own style, color, and size, don't forget to check out our bedazzled bras here


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