Rose Quartz: The Power of Pink!

Michelle Worth

I think it is befitting that our first blog should be about the popular crystal rose quartz. My very first crystal was a tumbled rose quartz, picked up somewhere in a souvenir shop for a dollar during a family trip to Australia. Until today it remains to be my greatest treasure, some 245 crystals later!


Rose quartz itself has a name that attracts the inquiry of many: “why the name rose?”, “Does it smell like roses?”, “But roses are usually red?”

Pink is usually associated with purity, warmth, and innocent love. It is different than the color red’s fiery passion and almost imposing feeling of love. The gentle essence of rose quartz comes from its color and metaphysical properties.


Before getting into metaphysical properties, many reading this blog would ask the question “how does one determine a metaphysical property of a crystal?” There are a lot of newcomers to crystal healing, and there are also many who are skeptical of its nature as a healing tool. Stay tuned next week for our next blog post “Crystal Healing And Why It Works” where we will get more in depth into it!

Rose quartz is a great example of why and how crystal healing works. For hundreds of years, this crystal has been used in love rituals and ceremonies. Its metaphysical property is attributed from its main and most important physical property: its color!


Pink has been associated with a newborn baby girl. You decorate her room with pink ribbons, dress her in pink, and swaddle her in pink. It embraces you in this love that vibrates with warmth from your heart and softens your mind. It reminds you of all that is innocent, a child’s laughter, your sofa-fort you built as a child that keeps you safe from monsters. Remember the taste of the color pink: bubblegum cotton candy, strawberry ice cream. The strongest property of rose quartz is obvious, it is its color. The power of the human mind and memories is what makes this stone what it is. I won’t be surprised if hundreds of years ago it’s attributes were created based on memories and sensation!


The metaphysical property of rose quartz evokes love all the way from compassion, unconditional, innocent, hopeful, to healing a broken heart. It is the most befitting stone to celebrate Valentines Day with. For a more detailed reading on rose quartz and all its uses as a healing tool, visit

Rose quartz is still one of the most mined, purchased, and used crystal. It is a powerful crystal for healing, and also one of the most beautiful stones one can use in jewelry or home-decoration. It remains to be one of the most carved stones in China. Since my very first I have since bought countless rose quartz crystals in various forms all over the world. Each and every rose quartz I bought was purchased coincidentally during calm and “loving” moments in my life: with my first boyfriend; when I made up after a fight with my friend; during my pregnancy on our baby-moon vacation. Personally, the strongest healing power this crystal can offer me is to remind me what I felt at the time of acquiring it. The human mind is the greatest tool of healing and would continuously be, especially if you believe in the power of crystals.

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