Crystals For Your Tribe, Part I

Michelle Worth

My little sister is about to turn a page in her book, and will be leaving the family home to continue high school abroad. Coming from an international school background, we are not foreign to the idea of friends coming and going, especially when most of the school attendance is by expat children. Long-distance friendships are made easier to maintain nowadays with the likes of social media, or, like many, they dissolve when their friends move on to a new life with a new squad.

It came to me with a bit of surprise when my sister approached me and asked for advice if there were any crystals that could help tighten her friendships together, something that could solidify the miles between them. Many of our customers are largely the older millennials and generations before; the kids today are more pragmatic when it comes to depending on "healing objects." They believe more in the use of expensive skin care products than crystals (which isn't wrong by the way, just more expensive!)

My sister's tribe consists of girls who gym together, study together, and grow together. The social pressure I lived through involving alcohol and sneaking out seemed to be a frowned upon myth upon young teens today, phew! My sister is the type to consider product knowledge and marketing more interesting than what mischief to cause next weekend, so we sat together and I shared with her my thoughts on what crystals may be able to help her tribe stick together, even with all those miles in between (and her perfect bone structure provided for a good model too!)


Tiger Eye 

This protection stone has been used by many cultures to usher in luck, and to protect oneself from evil intentions. It is programmed to help the mind see clarity and focus, to further help our pragmatists to resolve problems objectively. Used by many to help promote concentration when studying, it imbues us with willpower and self confidence. 

Many Southeast Asian cultures have used Tiger Eye to protect themselves from evil. But on many lands where evil is subjective, it is used to clear the mind, especially when working and studying. 

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When my sister saw this wrist gem, immediately she felt reminded of the sea. The turquoise in Amazonite is exactly what the shallow end of the pool looks and feels like- cool, soothing, and in a way very refreshing. It clears the mind and soothes the should, a lot like (blue) lemonade on a hot day. 

Amazonite manifests love and friendship, and dispels negative energy and aggravation. It keeps our young ones today safe from electromagnetic pollution from computers and iPads. When wearing this, your tribe members will always feel safe, knowing when they have troubles, they can always come back to you and curl up and be comforted. 

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Clear Quartz

As a crystal that is widely used, one could never have enough clear quartz. It covers all birth signs and all elements. This master healer cleanses mental toxins and reduces electromagnetic smog. Having it around the house clears radiation emanating from small electronic appliances- good to keep around if you have kids who use lots of gadgets! 

A less known use for clear quartz is the ability for it to help you study, especially if you're still a student. It enhances your ability to open up memory banks and remember information and details. All memories are important. As an adult, I can also say memories, including painful ones, are what shapes a person today. However, I find it hard to look back on some; at the time they seemed too painful to keep in my mind so I'd forget about them. Nowadays it is easier to open your photo gallery and scroll back a few years- search for a photo or watch a video; nevertheless, the essence of it all can be captured better in your soul and mind with the help of a quartz crystal. 

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Highschool is a balancing act. You've got to have the right balance between academics, health, and social life. Tip the scale one bit, and it all crumbles; trust me, I've been there! I told my sister many times to remember her priorities, but luckily enough, she is no where close to the rebel I ever was. 

Fluorite is a stabilising stone. If you're a tightrope walker, fluorite is your balancing pole. It absorbs negative energy and stress, and aids in study and learning. It increases your power of concentration and focus, and helps in decision-making. My mom always gifted my a fluorite crystal when I was younger when it came closer to exam days- I was the type who really needed the extra push when it comes to balancing and prioritising. I recommended my sister to wear one when she is studying or taking a test, as the power of the mind can be so strong, that you need to channel it properly or you fall victim to stress and loss of confidence. 

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Stay tuned for more crystals next week! Coming up: Blue Lace Agate, Lapis Lazuli,  Labradorite, and Amethyst. 

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