Born From Sea Foam...

Founders Marissa and Michelle are passionate about island-hopping, marine environment, and of course...mermaids! In 2015, the duo were mermaid-tail hoarders, until it came to a point when shipping costs to Indonesia became too expensive. After a bottle of Chardonnay and a stunning sunset by the sea, somewhere in Indonesia, it was then and there that the idea of making fabric mermaid tails for the Asian market came to fruition. 

Together, with Michelle's background in fashion and digital design, paired with Marissa's wide reach in a variety of audience, they both explored an joint entrepreneurial voyage of magic, mermaids, and making dreams come true. 

All Mermaid.INC tails are manufactured in micro-industries to support local businesses and families instead of following a generic large-business scale that employs big industries. Mermaid.INC cares for society by employing and outsourcing to local artisans. All items used are sustainable, and are produced upon order to avoid overstocking, which could result in waste. 

Today in 2020, our brand has not only become a pioneer for other mermaid-tail brands in Asia, but has laid out the blueprints for small mermaid-tail creators. We hope to continue to inspire other creators, as well as mermaid professionals and non-professionals to continue making magic and spreading love. 

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